9 Foot Massage Benefits

After a long, hard day, a foot massage can help melt away stress and put you into a deep state of relaxation. Ever since I bought my foot massager (read this LaidBack review),Eve since I bought my foot massager (read this LaidBack review),, I’ve been an avid fan of foot massages. I use it multiple times a week or whenever I need it, and I’ve noticed that I feel happier, more relaxed and more energized. It’s one of the many products I recommend for relaxation and to reduce stress.

That’s because massage has very real benefits that are backed by research. Let’s explore some of the top foot massage machine health benefits, so you can see for yourself how powerful a good massage can be.

9 Foot Massage Benefits

There are many health benefits of foot massage, including:

1. Promotes Relaxation

There are many EMS foot massager benefits, but relaxation is the biggest and most obvious one. After a long and stressful day, a foot massage can help you unwind and relax. If you’re on your feet all day, a massage can help alleviate discomfort and reduce swelling.

A simple 5-10-minute massage is all you need to relax and de-stress. 

2. Boosts Circulation

One of the most important foot sole massage benefits is better circulation. Many of us lead sedentary lifestyles, so our foot muscles aren’t used as often as they should be. When you spend most of your day sitting, it hinders your blood flow, especially to your feet.

A quick foot massage can help improve blood flow to your ankles and feet, allowing more oxygen to reach these areas.

If you suffer from a disease or medical condition (like diabetes or Raynaud’s Disease) that limits the blood flow to your extremities, regular foot massages can help improve sensation and the health of your limbs.

If your feet get cold easily, a massage can help get blood moving to these key areas, helping you warm up without having to wear layers of socks.

3. Helps Reduce Anxiety and Depression

We live in a stressful world. We’re constantly on the go and bombarded with information from everywhere. Not surprisingly, anxiety and depression are on the rise. In fact, depression is the most common type of mental disorder, with more than 264 million people suffering worldwide.

Depression and anxiety are complicated issues and there is no cure-all. But a simple foot massage can go a long way in helping you feel better. It’s one of the many benefits of foot massage pressure points.

When combined with reflexology, foot massage can be very effective at helping with depression symptoms. Targeting certain pressure points in the feet can help calm the body and mind. Frequent massages may help provide longer-lasting relief.

4. Prevent and Help Heal Injuries

Foot massages can help promote healing after ankle or foot injuries, but it can also help prevent them when combined with stretches and strengthening exercises. 

Stretching, exercising and massages will strengthen your feet and ankles, making you more surefooted and able to avoid injury.

5. Help Reduce Headaches and Migraines

Headaches and migraines have many causes, but massage combined with reflexology can help keep the pain at bay. 

A study from Denmark found that people suffering from migraines and headaches showed great improvement after undergoing reflexology treatments. Participants stopped taking their medication. Three months after completing treatment, symptoms were reduced for 65% of participants and a small number were cured.  

Stress and other psychological factors can present as headaches or migraines. Foot massage and reflexology can help eliminate stress-induced headaches.

6. Helps with Plantar Fasciitis

Many people suffer from plantar fasciitis. In fact, it’s the most common cause of heel pain. It develops when the tissue that runs from the bottom of your heel to the toes becomes inflamed. It can cause pain when you walk, especially when taking those first few steps in the morning.

Many runners develop plantar fasciitis. It’s a repetitive strain injury, which makes it a great candidate for massage therapy. A 10-minute foot massage can help alleviate the pain while promoting relaxation. You can also incorporate stretching into your routine to prevent future pain.

7. Promotes Restful Sleep

Restful sleep plays an important role in your overall health. Sleep deprivation can lead to many health issues, including:

  • High blood pressure
  • Greater risk of diabetes
  • Weight gain
  • Mood changes
  • Poor immune system health
  • Memory problems
  • Higher risk of heart disease

Good sleep hygiene, like turning off your phone early in the evening and relaxing before bed, can help promote a restful night of sleep.

But many people need more than that to enter the deep sleep state that helps us heal and regenerate our energy levels. A foot massage before bed can help promote a deep state of relaxation that will help you drift off into a restful night of sleep.

8. Lower Blood Pressure

High blood pressure is a growing problem around the world. Sedentary lifestyles and poor diet are two major causes of high blood pressure, but genetics and environment can also play a role in the development of this condition. 

A 2004 study out of South Korea found that repeated reflexology and foot massage reduced systolic blood pressure. Triglyceride levels were also much lower in patients receiving massage.

Another study showed the blood-pressuring-lowering benefits of foot massage. The study involved healthcare staff working with elderly dementia patients. Researchers found that 10-minute foot massages three times per week improved mood while reducing anxiety and blood pressure.

Give it a try for yourself. If you have a fitness watch, you can use it to measure blood pressure before and after your foot massage.

9. Reduced Swelling

Many people suffer from edema, which occurs when there is a build-up of fluid in a specific area of the body. Edemas are common in the feet and ankles. They are often the result of medical conditions, kidney issues, heart problems and diabetes. Pregnant women may also suffer from edemas. 

Regular foot massages can help reduce swelling. A 2010 study from Turkey found that lower leg edema in pregnant women was improved with regular foot massages.

Foot massages promote overall health and well-being while helping you relax, reduce your blood pressure and even uplift your mood.