AutoMend Pro Reviews: Can This Device Save You Money on Car Repairs?


AutoMend Pro reviews are impressive, with a lot of car owners taking their repairs into their own hands. This leading car diagnostic tool can diagnose over 7,000 car problems that were once only available with a high-end diagnostic tool that only a mechanic would be able to buy. It’s a professional car diagnostic tool without a high price tag.


AutoMend Pro reviews show that this single product has helped thousands of people fix car problems that they didn’t need to go to the mechanic to fix. As the best budget car diagnostic tool, you’ll have the information that you need to go to the mechanic with confidence.

When you know why your check engine light is on in the first place, you’ll have a better idea of what you need repaired.

What is AutoMend Pro?

AutoMend Pro’s car diagnostic tool is a car diagnostic tool. Your vehicle is far more complex than the original Fords that hit the market over 100 years ago. The advanced computers can help detect car problems in real-time.

As you’re conducting your own research, you’ll find AutoMend Pro reviews from people that have every modern make and model vehicle. The OBD II sensor is in all vehicles built after 1996.

In my personal AutoMend Pro review, I’ve used this tool for my 2015 Honda Civic. And when my parents had an issue with their vehicle, I connected it and detected the problems in a matter of seconds.

AutoMend Pro reviews show you that this car diagnostic scan tool helps owners:

  • Save money 
  • Fix car problems
  • Never get ripped off

I liked this product so much that I immediately sat down and started writing this AutoMend Pro review.

How Does AutoMend Pro Work?

You can read AutoMend Pro reviews and see that everyone states just how easy this device works. I’m old enough to know that the best professional car diagnostic tool of the past used to present you with a random code.

These codes were never insightful because they were a few letters and numbers. You had to flip through a book or search online to figure out what the code meant.

AutoMend Pro reviews show that people are floored because you only need to:

  • Plug in your unit
  • Download and install the car diagnostic tool app
  • Open the app to see your car’s problems

It’s so easy to see the results that people are shocked when writing their AutoMend Pro reviews.


As you’ll see in my AutoMend Pro review, you’ll know:

  • Exactly what’s wrong with your vehicle
  • The severity of the problem

Color-coded severity makes it a breeze to run this tool on any car and have a good understanding of which repairs are dire and which can wait a while to be performed.

Does AutoMend Pro Work?

I’ve read a lot of AutoMend Pro reviews, and every one that I’ve seen that couldn’t get the best car diagnostic tool to work didn’t have OBD II. This is a diagnostic scan tool for all cars made in 1996 and after.

If you’re reading AutoMend Pro reviews and see people complaining that this unit doesn’t work, chances are, they have an older vehicle.

And also pay attention to AutoMend Pro reviews that mention customer service – they’re very important. You have a 30-day period where you can return your reader for a full refund or replacement.

Thankfully, when I purchased my scanner to write this AutoMend Pro review, it worked fine and didn’t need to be replaced. So, while I don’t have first-hand experience requesting a replacement, I have read of others that replaced their AutoMend Pro car diagnostic scanner without an issue.

It’s a no-hassle guarantee.

Why Should You Buy AutoMend Pro?

AutoMend Pro reviews have a lot of people asking “do I really need my own scanner?” And the answer is no. You can go to the mechanic and rely on their diagnostic reader. You’ll pay to run one of these scanners, and you’ll never really know if you were told the truth or not about your vehicle.

But if you follow the advice of AutoMend Pro reviews, you reduce the risk of being scammed out of your money.

Like all of the AutoMend Pro reviews say, you’ll be able to:

  • Diagnose check engine lights
  • Compare repair prices online
  • Never rely on a shady mechanic to diagnose your vehicle

I had a major electrical issue when I purchased this product for my AutoMend Pro review, and it was a $500 repair. The mechanic wanted to charge me $1,100 for a repair I didn’t need. The AutoMend Pro car diagnostic reader paid for itself.

AutoMend Pro Facts and Specs

You’ll find AutoMend Pro reviews mentioning people saving thousands of dollars. The facts and specs you’ll find in AutoMend Pro reviews include:

  • App connectivity
  • Plug-and-play design
  • OBD II requirement
  • Impact rating indicator
  • Color-coded severity
  • iOS and Android compatible
  • Over 7,000 diagnostic codes built-in

AutoMend Pro reviews state that this is the best plug in car diagnostic tool on the market. A lot of similar tools exist, but they’re often overpriced and some still run on code displays. The code displays are obsolete and difficult to decipher.

When writing my AutoMend Pro review, it was a true pleasure because it has the features I need without the cumbersome extras.

Who is AutoMend Pro a Perfect Fit for?

I remember when writing my LaidBack review that a lot of people asked if this is a good product for them. AutoMend Pro reviews seem to have a lot of people asking the same question. And the answer is everyone.

If you have a vehicle that was made in 1996 or later, you can benefit from this product.

But as you’ll see in AutoMend Pro reviews, this device is worthless for vehicles made in 1995 or earlier. Why? The OBD II standards were put in place in 1996. 

Car owners, even mechanics, can read AutoMend Pro reviews and find a benefit in this product. AutoMend Pro reviews have been written by everyone:

  • Mechanics
  • Nurses
  • Doctors
  • Electricians

Anyone that has a car can use this device to diagnose common issues and over 7,000 different diagnostic codes.

Mechanics are also using similar products, so even if you’re very car savvy, this device can still help you diagnose issues and save money.

What are the Pros and Cons?

I want my AutoMend Pro reviews to be thorough, which means that I need to cover both the good and the bad. Like any other product, AutoMend is not perfect, although some AutoMend Pro reviews would have you believe that it is. Let’s take a look at the pros and cons of this device.


  • Helps you diagnose your car problems before you take it to a mechanic
  • Provides real-time information
  • Offers estimates for repairs before you take your car to the shop
  • Diagnoses thousands of car problems


  • Only works on vehicles after 1996

Other AutoMend Pro reviews don’t mention this drawback because most people won’t have to worry about it. But it’s important to note that this product will not work with old vehicles. 

I want to cover every possible issue in my AutoMend Pro review, so I felt it was important to tell you that you can’t use this device if your vehicle is older than 1996.

Where Can I Buy AutoMend Pro?

The best place to buy this product, according to AutoMend Pro reviews, is from the official website and direct from the manufacturer. This is the only way to guarantee that you get a genuine product. 

Other AutoMend Pro reviews may claim that you get this product from other online stores or from a physical store, but you can’t. When you buy direct from the manufacturer, you ensure that you get a genuine product. It’s possible that some of those AutoMend Pro reviews were from people who bought the product second-hand.

One important thing to point out, and something that other AutoMend Pro reviews don’t talk about, is the fact that you can’t always get this product. It sells out quickly whenever it’s back in stock. I recommend that, when buying from the official site, you act quickly if you see that the product is in stock.

Final Recap

AutoMend Pro reviews are positive because this scanner works. Plug it in, load up your app and wait for the app to list all of the issues with your car. It’s really that simple. And you also have the benefit of crazy discounts, like buy one and get one 67% off. There’s also a deal, and I’m not sure how long it will last, that offers a free unit.

You will have to pay shipping and handling on the free unit.

All AutoMend Pro reviews that I read claim that shipping is fast, and I also received my unit within a week when writing my AutoMend Pro review.

If for some reason this product doesn’t meet your standard, follow in the footsteps of other AutoMend Pro reviews and invoke the 30-day guarantee.

What are you waiting for? Figure out why your check engine light is on today.