Effectiveness: 10

Portability: 9

Battery Life: 9

Noiseless: 9

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Blast Portable AC Review: Insider Secrets Exposed

9.3 Total Rating

Verdict: Blast Auxiliary Portable AC has arrived to revolutionize the cooling industry, presenting a product that can cool you down without breaking the bank. The Blast Portable AC is a very powerful air conditioner that will help you survive through the summer. This cooling device is definitely the best portable air cooler to have in 2021.

  • Works as an air cooler or regular fan
  • Works as a humidifier
  • 100 percent Portable and Cordless
  • Helps reduce dust particles and other allergens
  • Quiet, efficient operation
  • 3 Fan Speed
  • Rapid cooling in 30 seconds
  • Built-in mood lighting

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Blast Auxiliary AC has recently been launched and it’s already circulating the internet continues to receive positive feedback from customers all over the world.