Do Charcoal Bags Absorb Odors?

For your home, closet, office, or car, putting up with smelly odors is not an option most of the time. Let’s face it, anything can seep into these places and cause them to smell awful, but if you’re curious about the best way to get rid of those smells, you might want to consider bags filled with activated charcoal. But does charcoal absorb odors? The answer is a resounding “yes.” In fact, since ancient times people have known about the amazing absorption power of charcoal, and today you can purchase charcoal bags that get rid of odors without breaking the bank.

Will Any Type of Charcoal Work?

Charcoal has long been known to absorb odors, but for it to be most effective, you have to use activated charcoal. Why? To absorb odors efficiently, charcoal has to be exceptionally porous, which means it has to be activated. Activated charcoal is simply charcoal that has gone through a chemical process to become much more porous, and once this happens, the odor-absorbing capability it has is second to none. Nowadays, charcoal bags are sold in hundreds of places that allow you to reap the benefits of activated charcoal without fooling with the messy charcoal yourself.

All you have to do is hang or lay out these bags wherever you need to get rid of unpleasant odors. This can include a smelly closet, your car, the room where your pets are kept, or anywhere else that smells much less pleasant than you think it should. The important thing to remember is that when you purchase your charcoal, you have to make sure it is activated charcoal. Will the standard charcoal briquettes that you place in your outdoor grill work to eliminate odors? Yes, but they don’t do nearly as good of a job as activated charcoal bags that you can find almost anywhere.

How to Use Activated Charcoal to Remove Odors

Again, while you can use regular charcoal briquettes to absorb bad odors, the activated charcoal works much better. These are usually made in bags of several different sizes, and all you have to do is place one of the bags in the location where you want it to remove the odors – in your closet, in your car, or even in the refrigerator. The best thing to do is to leave the bag in there overnight then remove it in the morning. If it doesn’t get rid of all the odors the first time, just leave it in there for another night.

The specially made bags that contain bulk activated charcoal for odor removal work amazingly well, and the best part is, they are reusable. Once the odors have been removed, all you have to do is leave the bag out in the sun until it dries completely, then you can use it again to remove odors somewhere else. In fact, this is one of the things people love the most about activated charcoal bags – the fact that they are reusable and therefore you get tons of uses out of just one bag.

Even better, many of these bags have a shelf life of around two years, so you really get a good bang for your buck. Brands such as DivinAir Charcoal Bags have a reputation for high-quality bags, and they are easy to find because you can purchase them online, and they are also inexpensive. There are many different types and sizes of these activated charcoal bags, so finding one that fits within your budget and one that has gotten lots of great reviews should never be a problem.

More Than Just Odor Removal

Using bags with activated charcoal for odor removal does more than just remove nasty smells. Activated charcoal is also good for removing moisture, formaldehyde, dangerous pollutants, and lots of unhealthy toxins from the air. They are usually bamboo charcoal, which is extremely porous, and the bags themselves are made out of linen, which allows the air to flow through it and the odors to get to the charcoal itself. A bag that is 200 grams in size is usually enough to remove odors from around 90 square feet of space, so you can use these in your car, a bathroom, a closet, or a small room.

Naturally, they make bigger and smaller sizes as well, but the instructions on the package should tell you roughly how much space it can cover. If you’d like more information on these activated charcoal odor absorber bags, you can do some research online. You have a right to be skeptical about the claims they make, but any review will tell you the same thing – these bags work, and they work extremely well.

In fact, any product worth looking into can usually be found online, so if you’d like to read more here about what to look for when you’re researching a specific product, sites such as these can help you get started. You can find these activated charcoal bags in various online stores, so one quick internet search will tell you not only everything you need to know about the product itself, but also where to buy it so that you can get it right away.


Activated charcoal bags work amazingly well in eliminating all types of odors, and just like other products for your home, a lot of information about them can be found online. Just make sure the charcoal you’re purchasing is activated charcoal, because even though standard charcoal works to eliminate odors, you get a much better benefit with the activated kind. Don’t forget to reactivate the charcoal by placing it directly in the sun so that the pores are emptied out and are therefore able to take in more odors and moisture.

Activated charcoal also works on a variety of different odors, so regardless of what you’re smelling in your home or car, it can accommodate you. Whether you’re dealing with pet odors or mildewy car odors, activated charcoal bags are the way to go, and you can eliminate those smelly odors without spending a lot of money.