Do Laser Brushes Work on Hair Loss?

Hair loss and thinning hair affect both men and women and in fact, by the age of 50, up to 85% of all men have some type of hair loss. While it doesn’t bother some men, others are devastated by it, which is why products to regrow hair and make it thicker are so popular nowadays. The newest product to come along in recent years is a special hair brush that uses laser technology to grow the hair back, and if you’re skeptical about the product, you’re not alone. But the good news is that the FDA has recently cleared these products both for safety and for effectiveness, which means that the products do indeed work.

Why Laser Therapy?

Using laser therapy for hair loss may seem a little unconventional, but here’s how it works. Low-level laser therapy, or LLLT, is used in a brush, comb, or even a helmet or cap, and the customer wears it for a certain length of time for up to seven days a week, depending on the product itself. While it is not a miracle cure for baldness, it has shown some very promising results, and in 30 years of trials there has been no serious side effects associated with the technology. This is good news for both men and women who are suffering with hair-loss problems. 

LLLT has been known to help with a variety of medical conditions, including chronic pain and even weight loss, so there’s little wonder it would eventually be tried on people who are losing their hair. A good laser hair brush uses a touch of laser technology to make hair thicker, fuller, and even healthier. The way it works is simple. LLLT irradiates photons into the scalp tissues, which in turn are absorbed by the weak cells they find. The end result is hair growth. It is such a simple phenomenon it seems like it wouldn’t work – but it does!

Using a laser hair growth brush will increase circulation and stimulate the hair follicles to grow new hair. This is a noninvasive and painless hair treatment that can be utilized without discomfort and inconvenience. Compared to pills, which do not have a very good success rate, and surgery, which is invasive and somewhat painful, laser technology is simple and works much better than most people realize. While not all men or women will have the same results, most people who try these hair brushes do see a big difference in the amount of hair they have after they’ve used them for a while.

Are They Expensive?

These specialized hair brushes are not generally very expensive, especially when you consider what they can do for you. You can spend just under $50 for one of the brushes or up to $400 or more. Since the most expensive hair brush isn’t always the best one, you’d be doing yourself a favor if you decide to research the different brands, which you can do through websites that allow you to check out more reviews on various products. In fact, this is usually the best way to decide which brush to buy in the end.

What Are the Main Benefits?

A quality laser hair brush for hair growth works in a number of ways, and some of its main benefits include the following:

  • Blocks DHT, a hormone that can essentially destroy hair follicles.
  • Boosts the production of APT, a molecule that promotes fast hair growth.
  • Improves both the health of your scalp and your hair quality.
  • Reduces the secretion of oils.
  • Stimulates the hair follicles.
  • Unclogs pores in the scalp.

Not only that, but the brushes help with all types of hair loss problems, including alopecia, thinning hair, balding, and even receding hairlines. Products such as Vita Hair not only produce results but also produce them in a short period of time – often in a matter of weeks, depending on how much hair you’re losing. A good laser hair regrowth brush may not be the answer to your prayers, but the average person sees a 39% increase in the amount of hair growth they gain, which is impressive regardless of how you look at it.

Some Other Reasons to Buy This Brush

If you’re asking yourself, do laser hair brushes work, just know that they do indeed work, and they work well and without any side effects. Much like many other products on the market, these brushes can enhance your life and make you a lot more self-confident in the end. They are also super easy to use because all you do is essentially brush your hair with them. For some people, results can be seen in as little as two weeks, while others may have to wait up to 16 weeks or so to notice a difference. But if you keep using the brush, you will notice a difference, and since most of these brushes come with a money-back guarantee, you have nothing to lose by giving one of them a try.


A high-quality hair growth laser device brush is easy to use, effective, and has no known side effects. Using LLLT, which is also called cold laser therapy or red-light therapy, is a safe and very simple way to get back the hair you had in your youth. If you miss having a head full of thick, healthy hair, it is good to know that it is easy to do something about it. These hair brushes work better than most people expect them to, and it’s also good to remember that this is a very natural, chemical-free way to regrow your hair so that you can be proud of it once again.

If you’re anxious or upset about not having as much hair as you’d like, keep in mind that laser light therapy for hair loss has been proven to be both safe and effective. Indeed, you have nothing to lose by trying one of these brushes, especially because they are painless and extremely simple to use. Laser therapies have been used for numerous problem areas, including hair loss, and it’s a great opportunity for you to enjoy a head full of hair like you did when you were younger.