InHeat Reviews: Is This Really the Best Mug Warmer and Phone Charger?


InHeat is the one device that every coffee lover needs. Keep your coffee warm and charge your phone using one simple device. I agree with other InHeat reviews – this is the best coffee mug warmer for your office. 

InHeat claims that it can keep your coffee warm and charge your phone. Sound too good to be true? I thought so, too. Then I tried it, and now, I can’t live without it. I’m going to share my experience in my InHeat review.

What is InHeat?

InHeat is a USB-powered device that can heat up your coffee mug and act as a wireless phone charger USB. It’s compatible with both iOS and Android devices. Plus, it has a sleek, contemporary design. It comes with a coffee mug and lid, so you can keep your coffee safe and warm.

I went through a period where I was experimenting with different types of coffee beans, and I didn’t want to waste a single drop of my coffee. InHeat kept my mugs warm, which meant that the flavor stayed intact, and I could better judge the taste of each coffee bean.

When I first started reading InHeat reviews, I was skeptical about how well this product could work. I’m a slow coffee drinker. I heat up my coffee at least three times in the microwave before I’m done with the cup. A USB mug warmer seemed like the ideal product for me.

I was excited to find a product that could keep my mug warm without me having to get up multiple times just to heat up my cup. After reading a few InHeat reviews, I knew that I had to learn more about this product and try it for myself.

Now, the charging function won’t necessarily work with every phone. That’s one important thing I want to mention in my InHeat reviews. This device offers wireless Qi-charging, so only certain phones will be compatible. 

One thing that stood out to me in the InHeat reviews I read was that this coffee mug warmer has a modern and slim design. I have a small workspace, so that was an important thing for me. I didn’t want the warmer to take up too much space. 

As you’ll learn in my InHeat review, this mug warmer/charger really is compact, and It’s brought a lot of joy to my home office.

How Does InHeat Work?

The way InHeat works is every simple. The base is the main working part of the product. It can heat up the included smart mug, but it also works as a Qi wireless charger.

When I was first learning about this product and reading InHeat reviews, I couldn’t find much information on how the heating process works. Now that I have some experience with the InHeat coffee cup warmer, let me explain.

The base uses induction heating to keep the mug warm. It keeps your drink at the ideal temperature to preserve its taste. 

One great feature that I first learned about in InHeat reviews is that the base has a sensing technology that prevents overheating and will power down automatically when the cup leaves the base. I like that this USB powered mug warmer won’t stay on when my cup isn’t resting on it. Otherwise, that’s a pretty serious fire hazard.

When you’re not drinking coffee or tea, you can use the base as a charger for your phone. As other InHeat reviews have pointed out, the transition from heating to charging is seamless. If your phone is Qi-enabled, you can use this product to charge up your device.

Another thing I want to point out in my InHeat review is that the charging function is smart. It can detect when the phone is fully charged and automatically power down.

I think It’s important to note that this base will not work with other mugs. 

Does InHeat Work?

Yes! I was surprised by how well this mug warmer/charger works. All of the InHeat reviews I read were positive, but I was still skeptical. I mean, can this simple mug and base actually keep my coffee hot? 

But then I remembered something I read in the InHeat reviews I was researching. The base is kind of like the warmer on your coffee pot. Then it made sense to me. After I tried this product, it was clear that it actually does work – and it works well. 

My morning cup of coffee stayed hot for an hour (that’s how long it took me to drink it). I didn’t have to heat it up once. I was impressed. 

When writing my InHeat review, I wanted to be thorough and honest about my experience. That means talking about the charging experience. 

I’ve read many InHeat reviews that claim this product will charge your phone at lightning speed. While it does offer fast charging, it’s not lightning fast. I found it to be on par with my regular fast chargers. Still, I’d say that it’s the best wireless phone charger I own.

Why Should You Buy InHeat?

Why should you spend your hard-earned money on InHeat USB cup warmer? When I was first reading InHeat reviews, I was worried that I was going to waste my money if I bought this product.

For the sake of being thorough in this InHeat review, I feel that it‘s important to share the reasons that convinced me to buy this warmer and charger:

  • It actually does work
  • It’s really easy to use
  • You can also use it to charge your phone
  • It has safety features to prevent overheating and other issues
  • It has a sleek design that matches your office décor 

I also agree with other InHeat reviews that this product makes a really great gift. I have given these away to co-workers, friends and family members who are office workers and tea or coffee drinkers.

Those friends and loved ones liked this product so much, they’ve written their own InHeat reviews. So, if you have that one person who’s hard to buy for, the InHeat coffee mug warmer may just be the perfect gift.

InHeat Facts and Specs

When reading InHeat reviews, the first question I had (and I’m sure you had) is what exactly do I get with this? 

Here’s a rundown of InHeat’s facts and specs:

  • USB powered
  • Mug warmer and wireless charger
  • Compatible with Qi-powered devices
  • Contemporary design
  • Comes with a mug and lid
  • Compact size that fits perfectly on your desk

What other InHeat reviews won’t tell you is that this mug warmer/charger is so popular, it’s almost always out of stock. That’s another “fact” you should know – it’s not easy to get your hands on this product. If you find it in stock, don’t miss the opportunity to order.

Who is InHeat a Perfect Fit For?

Who can benefit from the InHeat coffee cup warmer and wireless charger? Like other InHeat reviews, I agree that this product can benefit just about anyone, especially anyone who:

  • Is an avid coffee or tea drinker
  • Drinks their hot beverages slowly and always has to heat them up (these are the people who InHeat reviews are aimed at)
  • Has a Qi-enabled phone and wants a fast charger

Most InHeat reviews talk about the mug warming function of this device, but even if you don’t like hot drinks, you can still use it as a portable wireless phone charger. 

I’ve read so many InHeat reviews that talk about how well it works just as a charger. The warmer feature is great, but like I said, even if you don’t drink hot beverages, you can still use this purely as a charger. 

In my InHeat review, I want to reiterate this point. You can absolutely use this product strictly as a charger. But if you love coffee or tea, you’ll love InHeat even more.

What are the Pros and Cons?

All of the InHeat reviews I read when researching this product say that it’s the best USB mug warmer out there. Are they right? Yes, but it’s not a perfect product. 

Here’s what I liked and didn’t like about this USB wireless phone charger.


  • Plug-and-play design
  • Powerful warming function (keeps drinks hot)
  • Phone charging is quick


  • Doesn’t work with any other mug

One complaint I’ve seen in InHeat reviews is that the warmer doesn’t work with other mugs. It’s true that it only works with the mug that’s included, but that’s understandable. The mug is made with special materials that allow it to heat up.

Where Can I Buy InHeat?

The best place to get the InHeat mug warmer and wireless charger is from the official manufacturer. If you find other InHeat reviews claiming that you can get this product from other places online or in stores, make sure that you do your research before buying. You may wind up with a fake product.

In my InHeat reviews, I want to stress the fact that the only real place to buy this product is directly from the manufacturer. 

Other InHeat reviews may claim that you can buy this elsewhere, but I wouldn’t recommend it. It may be a pre-owned item, or it may not even work properly. It certainly won’t be backed by a warranty or guarantee. 

But like other InHeat reviews have pointed out, this product is frequently sold out. Make sure that you buy quickly if you find it in stock. 

At the time of writing this InHeat review, I see that there’s a steep discount available, but stock is really limited. That’s how much people love this product.

Final Recap

When reading InHeat reviews, the big question I had (and you probably have) is: is this the best mug warmer?

I first found out about InHeat when I was writing my Cavalier Essentials review, and it has done nothing but bring joy to my life. In my opinion, yes, It’s the best mug warmer. And other InHeat reviews agree.

I’ve read so many positive InHeat reviews, and now I understand why. InHeat keeps my morning coffee warm and then charges my phone in the afternoon. What’s not to love?

If you try this product and love it just as much as I do, I encourage you to leave InHeat reviews on the manufacturer’s website to spread the word. 

I hope you gained some insight from this InHeat review and give this mug warmer a try. It’s backed by a money-back guarantee, so if you’re not happy, you can return it for a refund.