LaidBack Reviews: Can it Zap Away Your Foot Pain?


LaidBack will soothe your aching feet and leave you feeling refreshed and energized. Using EMS technology, this device massages feet in all the right places. The positive LaidBack reviews were right – this is the best electric foot massager in this price range.

LaidBack is the foot massager you never knew you needed. After a long hard day at work, my feet are killing me. I’m on them all day. By the time I get home, they’re swollen. A friend told me about LaidBack, and I decided to try it for myself. I’ll share my experience in my LaidBack review and explain why I love this massager. 

What is LaidBack?

LaidBack is a smart EMS foot massager that helps improve blood circulation while easing muscle tension. When I first started learning about this product and reading LaidBack reviews, I was worried that this massager would take up so much space in my home. 

I’ve seen some foot massagers that are big. But because this model uses EMS, it’s slim, lightweight and compact. Like other LaidBack reviews have mentioned, this is a massager that you can pack up and take with you anywhere. That’s what I really love about it.

The design reminds me of a bathroom scale. It has guides for you to place your feet, and a middle unit that controls the massager function. What I personally like, and this is something that other LaidBack reviews don’t talk about, is that you can actually use your feet to control the functions. You have several options to choose from:

  • 10 intensity levels
  • 6 modes
  • 15-minute automatic cycles

Another thing I want to mention in this LaidBack review is that this massager offers both heat and vibration massage. 

How Does LaidBack Work?

When I first started reading LaidBack reviews, the biggest question I had was how exactly does this work? I had heard of EMS technology, but not for this application. 

In my LaidBack reviews, I want to explain exactly how this massager works so that you understand why it’s so effective.

The LaidBack EMS foot massager uses low-frequency EMS, or EPS, technology to stimulate your foot and calf muscles. The stimulation promotes healthy blood circulation and relaxes your feet for powerful stress relief.

As I mentioned before this, massager has 6 modes and 10 intensity levels. To be thorough with my LaidBack reviews, I feel that it’s important to explore how these modes work.

  • Magnetic therapy: Uses the power of magnetic fields to help reduce the intensity of pain in your feet.
  • Vibration massage: To stimulate muscles and promote healthy blood circulation. 
  • Hot acupuncture therapy: Penetrates deep into foot tissue to calm inflammation and promote healthy blood flow.
  • Infrared treatment: Also promotes circulation while activating biomolecules.

In my LaidBack review, I think it’s important to mention that this massager also has an intelligent shifting button that will automatically adjust the vibration speed for your own comfort. 

Does LaidBack Work?

When you’re reading my LaidBack reviews, you’re probably wondering whether this product actually works. I’ve explained how this electric foot massager works on a technical level, but does it really get rid of tension and pain?

I’ve read LaidBack reviews from users who say this foot massage pad completely eliminated their foot pain and also helped with stress relief. I only found two or three LaidBack reviews that say this EMS foot massager didn’t offer the level of relief they wanted. 

For the purpose of this LaidBack review, I will say that this EMS foot massage pad worked for me. It soothed my aching feet and left me feeling totally relaxed. 

I used this massager when writing my KoreTrak review to check my blood pressure when I was getting my feet massaged. I’m happy to say that the massage helped keep me calm. 

Why Should You Buy LaidBack?

When you read through LaidBack reviews from users, you’ll find many reasons to buy this product. For my own LaidBack review, I felt I should share the reasons I feel everyone should buy this electric EMS foot massager.

  • It uses proven technology to massage muscles
  • It’s compact and portable
  • It will help alleviate tension and pain in your feet
  • It will relax your body
  • It will help you de-stress after a long day

Like other LaidBack reviews point out, this device isn’t a miracle cure-all for stress and muscle tension. But if you’re on your feet all day, LaidBack will help combat those aches, pains and swelling that can make your life miserable.

I agree with other LaidBack reviews in that this massager can help save you money in the long run. You can reuse it whenever your feet are bothering you. It’s cheaper than a professional massage and can save you from having to keep buying over-the-counter pain medication just for foot pain.

LaidBack Facts and Specs

When you read LaidBack reviews, you expect to get the full picture before you press that “buy now” button. I want my LaidBack reviews to be as thorough as possible, so here’s a rundown of the features and specs of the LaidBack electric massage pad.

  • Uses EMS technology to stimulate muscles and promote better circulation
  • 6 modes, 10 intensity levels, 15-minute massage cycles
  • Hot acupuncture therapy eases pain and swelling
  • Made of high quality leather for comfort and durability
  • Central control pad

I should also point out in my LaidBack review that this massager doesn’t have a remote control. You will need to change modes and levels using the control pad at the center of the massager. There is an intelligent adjustment feature, but to make manual changes, you will need to use the control panel.

I have read many LaidBack reviews that praise the ease of use with this massager, and I couldn’t agree more. It’s easy to set up and start using right out of the box.

Who is LaidBack a Perfect Fit for?

I’ve read so many LaidBack reviews, and the one thing that I noticed is that people were from all walks of life, all areas of the world and were of all ages. This truly is a massager that can benefit everyone. 

Specifically, I wrote my LaidBack reviews with the belief that this product is a perfect fit for:

  • People who are on their feet all day
  • People who struggle with edema
  • Anyone with tension or pain in their feet
  • Anyone battling stress and wants an easy way to relax
  • Anyone who wants to take advantage of the many foot massage benefits

I found LaidBack reviews from people who struggled for years with foot pain and this massager helped them.

In fact, many LaidBack reviews say this is the best electric foot massager for plantar fasciitis.

What are the Pros and Cons?

If you’re thinking about buying this product and reading through LaidBack reviews, you want to know what’s good and bad about this product. No product is perfect, and LaidBack is no exception.

In my LaidBack reviews, I’m going to share what I like about this product and what I thought could have been better.


  • EMS therapy stimulates muscles in a gentle way to massage tension
  • It’s easy to pack up and take with you anywhere
  • It’s durable and easy to use
  • It uses a combination of therapies to bring you soothing relief
  • Promotes healthy blood circulation


  • 15-minute cycles may not be long enough for some people

I have read some LaidBack reviews complaining that the 15-minute massage cycles aren’t long enough. I felt that these sessions were just the right length of time, but some people may need more intensive relief.

In my personal LaidBack review, the only real complaint I had was that I couldn’t use it all the time (because I’m working).

Where can I Buy LaidBack?

If you’re struggling with pain, swelling, aches and other foot problems, the LaidBack electric massage pad revi may be able to help. But where can you buy this product?

Directly from the manufacturer.

If you read any LaidBack reviews claiming that you can buy this massager from other online stores or in physical stores, they’re not telling the truth. You may find someone selling a pre-owned one, but if you want a new massager, you’ll need to buy straight from the manufacturer.

One thing I read in some LaidBack reviews from users was that they had problems getting this product. And that’s true. It’s regularly out of stock. I really want to stress in my LaidBack reviews the importance of acting quickly if you find it in stock. 

Plus, like other LaidBack reviews have pointed out, you can get discounts if you buy multiple massagers at once. So, if you find this product in stock when you visit the official website (the only place to buy a genuine LaidBack), you may want to pick up a few to give as gifts or just to have on hand.

Final Recap

There’s a reason why there are so many positive LaidBack reviews: this massager really works. It’s easy to use, and it offers multiple therapies in one simple device. Like other LaidBack reviews I’ve read from users, I’ve found that it has greatly helped my foot pain and swelling.

Another thing I want to mention that other LaidBack reviews forget to talk about is the money back guarantee. If you’re not happy with this foot massager, you can return it for a refund. You have nothing to lose but the pain.

I wrote this LaidBack review to share my experience with this foot massager, and I’m happy to say that I would recommend it to anyone who is dealing with foot pain or stress.