NeckRelax Reviews: Can This Massager Melt Away Neck Pain?


NeckRelax is an easy-to-use neck massage machine that melts away pain and tension quickly and effectively. Slim and compact, this massager uses a combination of therapies to help you relax and get rid of pain. Whether you suffer from chronic pain or bouts of tension, NeckRelax can help you get back to your life.

Do you suffer from neck pain and tension? You’re not alone. I work at a desk all day and I’m guilty of spending a lot of time on my smartphone. Couple that with bad sleeping habits and you have a recipe for serious neck pain. Many of you are just like me.

I tried everything to get rid of my neck pain. I tried a better sleeping position. I bought an air purifier (Breathe Green) and new pillows to improve my sleeping environment. I tried over-the-counter pain relievers.

On my search for a “magic” solution, I found an electric neck massager called NeckRelax. I was so impressed, I wanted to share my experience in my NeckRelax review.

What is NeckRelax?

NeckRelax is a pain-relief device powered by Electronic Pulse Massage (EPM). EPM can instantly alleviate tension in your back, neck and shoulders. EPM may sound like a scary or painful thing, but it’s not. The pulses are gentle. This is something that I really want to stress in this NeckRelax review – the massage is in no way painful.

Along with EPM, NeckRelax also uses infrared thermal technology and magnetic therapy to help get rid of pain and tension.

It’s a simple, slim device. When you’re wearing it, it looks like you have a pair of headphones wrapped around your neck. Think of it as a hands-free massage collar. And in my opinion, it’s the best neck massager out there.

The part of the device that sits on the back of your neck has little sensors that power the EPM. On the front sides of the device, there are small buttons that control the collar’s massage functions and power.

What I really love about this neck pain relief device is that it melts away my beck pain in just 10 minutes. If the pain is really bad, it may take a little longer. But 10 or even 20 minutes is faster than an over-the-counter pain reliever (and without the side effects). It’s cheaper than a professional massage therapist, too.

I almost forgot to mention one really important thing: NeckRelax can get rid of pain in other parts of your body. The device comes with little pulse patches that attach to the collar. You can put these patches on your shoulders, back or other areas of your body. The NeckRelax massage device will send electrical pulses to the patches. These pulses stimulate the muscles and help you relax. 

I know that when I have neck pain, I usually have pain in my shoulders or back, too. They’re in the same area and are usually connected. With NeckRelax, I can place patches in other areas where I have tension and pain, and feel better in just 10 minutes.

Does NeckRelax Work?

I’ve tried a lot of neck massagers of the years. Some of them work really well. Most don’t. So, when I first heard about NeckRelax, I was naturally skeptical. Many of you may be asking if this is just a NeckRelax scam.

But as it turns out, this neck pain device really does work. EPM isn’t exactly a new concept. People have been using this therapy for years to help with muscle pain and tension.

Neck Relax hits just the right spots on your neck to melt away tension using EPM. That explains why I couldn’t find one Neck Relax review that claimed this device didn’t work. 

Why Should You Buy NeckRelax?

Neck pain is extremely common. Just about everyone will deal with neck pain at some point in their lives. Not surprisingly, there are hundreds of devices out there that claim to help with neck tension and pain. I know because I’ve tried so many of them.

I’ve tried neck wraps (the heated kind), massage guns and just about everything in between. So why buy the NeckRelax device when you have so many other options?

Here’s what sold me on this portable neck massager (and why I decided to write my NeckRelax review):

  • It’s slim, comfortable and easy to use
  • It uses EPM and other therapies to get rid of tension and pain
  • It’s easy to adjust the massage power
  • It comes with patches to alleviate tension on other parts of your body
  • It’s hands-free, so I can completely relax when getting my massage

NeckRelax Facts and Specs

  • EPM, infrared thermal technology and magnetic therapy
  • Pulse Patches for targeted area relief
  • Powered by 2 AAA batteries (not included)
  • 15-minute massage sessions
  • Dimensions: 8.66” X 7.87” x 2.36”
  • Includes massager, electric cable, electric pads

What are the Pros and Cons?


  • Easy to use
  • Targeted pain and tension relief
  • Uses multiple types of therapies 


  • Uncomfortable to lay on

My only complaint with this massager is that it’s uncomfortable to lay on. To be fair, it wasn’t designed to be used this way. But sometimes, you just want to lay down and relax during a massage. I found that the back of the massager puts too much pressure on the back of my neck when I lay down with it on. This really isn’t a major drawback, but I wanted my NeckRelax review to be thorough.

But you can use it while you’re on a recliner or just relaxing in a chair. 

Who is NeckRelax a Perfect Fit For?

The Neck Relax device is a perfect option for:

  • Anyone who suffers from neck pain
  • People who can’t afford or don’t want to spend money on massage therapy
  • Anyone who wants an easy way to relax after a long day

Final Recap

If you suffer from neck pain and tension, I recommend giving Neck Relax a try. The EPM and other therapies help zap pain away, and it’s comfortable to wear. It’s one of the best self massage tools for neck pain.

If you’re worried about whether this massager will work for you, don’t be. There’s a money-back guarantee, so if you’re not happy with the results, you can return the device for a full refund.