PureAir Purifier Review: Are You Really Breathing Harmful Particles?


PureAir is a discreet plug-in device that purifies the air without emitting harmful chemicals. Using a combination of oxygen and ionization, PureAir can help eliminate odors, bacteria, viruses, smoke, mold and mildew. Easy to use and highly effective, PureAir will leave your home smelling fresh and clean.

How does your home smell? What’s your home’s air quality like? Odors, bacteria, mold, mildew and other pollutants can leave your home smelling funky. They can also be harmful to your health.

For years, I struggled with odors, mold and mildew. I have a few dogs and my nieces visit my home often. I had trouble keeping my home smelling fresh. That’s when a friend told me about PureAir Purifier. She said that it worked like a charm to make her home smell so fresh and crisp.

She told me how it worked, and I didn’t believe her. But then I gave this product a try, and as it turns out, PureAir Purifier really does work. And it’s so easy to use that I couldn’t believe I didn’t find this product sooner. If you’re struggling with unpleasant home odors, continue reading my PureAir Purifier reviews to learn more about my experience.

What is PureAir Purifier? 

PureAir Purifier is one of the most robust, sleek air purifiers on the market today. I saw a lot of people talking about how these types of products can help them breathe easier and remove bacteria, pollen, allergens, and even viruses from the air.

And with virus removal, it only made sense that people were buying this product like crazy.

That’s when I read my first PureAir review.

I remember writing my Blaux Portable AC review and sneezing. It was pollen season, so it made sense that there was a lot of pollen in the air. Even my car turned green from the amount of pollen that was in the air. That’s when I decided to write a PureAir review.

A lot of people were stating that you can use an air purifier to get rid of the pollen, so I figured I would give it a try.

PureAir Purifier is simple to use, too.

  • Plug the purifier into your wall
  • You want to leave it plugged in and allowed the purifier to run
  • Change from constant ionization or set to the 30-minute interval if you want to just remove smells from air

What’s great part about the PureAir Purifier is that there are no filters, so you literally set the PureAir Purifier and forget it. 

I like to leave the constant ionization on when there are a lot of allergens in the air, or I find myself sneezing a lot. 

And when you want to just cycle the air in your home and make it a little bit easier to breathe, you can set the 30-minute interval so that it will shut off after half an hour.

Does PureAir Purifier Work?

I didn’t know how well the PureAir Purifier worked until I wrote this PureAir review. I knew the PureAir room air cleaner worked well, but I didn’t realize how many harmful substances were in the air. When you breathe, there is not only harmful bacteria in the air, there’s also:

  • Viruses
  • Odors
  • Allergens
  • Pollutants

And after the entire pandemic, it only made sense to have the PureAir Purifier clean the air in my home. Whether it works or not, I can’t tell you, but from what I’ve read, viruses can be reduced with air purifiers.

The PureAir Purifier plug in can also fight against smoke. If you have someone in your house that smokes, you know that the smell of nicotine never goes away. But when you have an air purifier inside of your home, it will scrub the air and allow for a smoke free-smell.

I have purchased multiple PureAir room air purifiers because I wanted to not only purify my downstairs, but I also installed the PureAir Purifier upstairs and in my basement as well.

Why Should You Buy PureAir Purifier?

Did you know that you are taking in over 1,800 different kinds of bacteria every time you take a breath? This bacterium may be good, some harmless and others are potentially harmful with a lot of exposure.

It doesn’t make sense to me to not have the best air filter for home use if it means it increases your health.

Dust and allergens alone are enough to make me install the Pure Air Purifier in my house.

After my PureAir review, I decided to buy the PureAir filter for members of my family. My aunt needed an air purifier for odor because she has a lot of cats. And no matter what you do, cats have a particular smell, especially where their litter box is located. 

This air purifier for smells worked wonders and even reduced the amount of allergens that were in the air.

PureAir Purifier Facts and Specs

  • Plug and play design
  • Cleans air molecules
  • Set on a 30-minute timer
  • Constant ionizations
  • Removes dust, bacteria, pollutants, allergens and odors 
  • Generates negative ions

What are the Pros and Cons?


  • Effective at removing dust, allergens bacteria and other pollutants from the air
  • Easy to use
  • Removes odors
  • Purifies the air


  • Need more than one for bigger homes

The only complaint I have with PureAir is that you need more than one if you have a very large home.

Who is PureAir Purifier a Perfect Fit For?

During my Pure Air review, I spent a lot of time trying to figure out who this product will be perfect for. But it didn’t take me long to figure it out. I noticed that with this product, I stopped sneezing, my eyes watered less and there weren’t any weird smells in my house.

This is the perfect product for anyone who experiences the following when they’re in their home:

  • Sneezing
  • Asthma
  • Watery eyes
  • Difficulty breathing

The Pure Air Purifier is a great bedroom air purifier and it’s also a filterless air purifier, so it’s very low maintenance. You don’t have to spend money buying new filters, nor do you have to expose yourself to the risk that your filter is dirty and actually putting more bacteria in the air.

Final Recap

If you need a large room air purifier, the Pure Air Purifier is one of the best products we’ve reviewed on inc500conference.com. This is a plug-in air purifier that will be able to purify even the largest homes. And you also get a 60-day money back guarantee.

With this product, simply return it within 60 days of your purchase for a full refund.

A lot of people want to focus on their health, and fitness, but they often overlook the air that they’re breathing. This is the best room air filter, and it is very easy to use. 

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