Starscope Monocular Review: Is This the Phone Lens You Need?

VerdictStarscope Monocular reviews are popping up everywhere. I’ve seen people on Facebook claim that this is the best monocular or smart phone camera lens that they have used. This device offers 12 times magnification and fits directly on to your phone. 

In this Starscope Monocular review, we’re going to share why we think this is the best smartphone monocular telescope out there.

What is Starscope Monocular?

Starscope Monocular is a simple smartphone zoom lens that attaches directly to your smartphone. You can carry it anywhere, and if you were up high enough, you could see 50 miles or more.

This clip-on lens is able to beat the zoom of a DSLR and is the perfect option for a nature lover.

You don’t need to know the difference between a monocular vs. binocular to get this high power monocular to work.

Does Starscope Monocular Work? 

Absolutely. This is an optical instrument that is perfect for people who love the outdoors. It’s the best phone lens because it attaches very easily and offers you:

  • 12 times magnification
  • Sharper images
  • Clear images

If you know anything about monoculars, you’ll know that the Starscope Monocular microscope is the best photo lens on the market. Waterproof and fog-proof, you can use this fully multi-coated lens anytime, anywhere. It can easily be attached or detached when needed.

It’s the perfect way to take crisp, high-quality pictures right from your phone.

There’s no denying that a DSLR is still superior to your phone’s cameras. But this phone lens attachment makes you camera better than most of the DSLRs on the market.

Just wait until you see the specs a little later on in this Starscope Monocular review.

You’ll see that the Starscope Monocular works from the moment that you attach it to your phone. The difference is amazing and a total gamechanger, whether you’re engaging in a little birdwatching or want to take long-range pictures and videos.

I was looking for a monocular for iPhone users when I kept seeing people claim that this was the best monocular for cell phone use, including the iPhone.

Why Should You Buy Starscope Monocular?

People spend money on their smartphones – I bet you do, too. Apps and games are fun to play and easy to spend money on, but the Starscope Monocular is a tad different. This isn’t a purchase that you’ll be bored within a few weeks.

This is the best pocket camera with zoom. You can always bring this device with you anywhere. Even if you left it in your car, there will be times when you have the opportunity for a once in a lifetime view and can use the Starscope Monocular to do it.

I think that if you have a smartphone, you deserve to have the best optical zoom camera, too.

Starscope Monocular Facts and Specs 

I’ve been excited to talk about the Starscope Monocular feature and specs. This micro lens for phones has the following specs:

  • 50mm objective
  • 3mm exit pupil diameter
  • 12x magnification
  • Multi-coated lenses
  • 20mm eye relief
  • 293/1000m field of view
  • Anti-skid design
  • BAK4 prism type
  • Built-in compass
  • Waterproof
  • Fog proof
  • Tripod socket
  • 70mm x 155mm x 44mm dimensions
  • 320g weight

The Starscope Monocular is made from advanced polymers.

What Are the Pros and Cons? 

The Starscope Monocular is a device that I am happy I purchased. This is the best purchase I’ve made since writing my ClipperPro review. Starscope Monocular has a lot of good traits, including:


  • Waterproof and fog proof design allow for outdoor nature photography no matter the weather.
  • Quick and easy connection and disconnection of the lens to your phone.
  • Small and lightweight with high-end magnification of 12x.
  • Multi-coated lens provides an exceptional quality view.


  • Shipping can be slow for some users

I have read some reviews where people complained that it took a week or so before their lens was delivered. Starscope Monocular is one of the most popular smartphone lenses on the market, so there’s a good chance that the company had a surge of orders and was a little behind.

When I ordered, the confirmation was sent to me quickly, and I remember receiving it within four days of receiving my confirmation.

I almost forgot to mention that while this lens is designed to clip onto your smartphone, it can also be used on its own. The device works just like a standard monocular, so you can hold it up to your eye and see as far as 50 miles.

Who Is Starscope Monocular a Perfect Fit For?

Who really needs a monocular? A lot of people. You’ll find a lot of people searching for the best monocular for bird watching because they want to be able to zoom in on wildlife. If you’ve ever seen a hawk flying around and wished that you could get a closer glimpse, this is the lens that you want.

Use it on your phone or pull it out of your pocket and use the monocular on its own.

This is a device that is a perfect fit for anyone who loves:

  • Sports and wants a closer look at the action
  • Nature and wants to get a closer look without interrupting the animals
  • Photography lovers who want to take high-end pictures

Truthfully, this is a purchase that I could see everyone making and never regretting. You can clip it onto nearly every iPhone or Android.

Final Recap

Before ending my Starscope Monocular review, I do want to mention that if you buy multiple cell phone zoom lenses, you’ll receive a steep discount. Shipping is fast and efficient.

But what if you don’t like this zoom lens for phones?

There’s a 30-day money back guarantee. You can initiate a refund. There’s no hassle or anyone trying to keep you from returning the product. It’s a no-hassles, no-questions return policy. If It’s not the best monocular telescope you’ve used, there’s nothing to lose.

What are you waiting for?

Buy the Starscope Monocular today and you’ll be attaching the leading telescopic lens for cell phone users in no time.