TVSurf Reviews: You’ll Never Watch Netflix Again on Your Phone


TVSurf is one of the most advanced streaming sticks on the market today. After reading TVSurf reviews, I gave this product a try and I’m happy I did. This stick is fast, easy to use and includes all of the biggest streaming platforms on the market. This is the best TV streaming stick we’ve ever tried.

Do you stream a lot of content to your television and want a TV stick that will allow you to use the best apps and stream directly to any television in your home? If so, TVSurf is the way to go.

You never have to worry about flipping channels and not finding the content that you want to watch.

This is the new way to stream all of your favorite media, music and movies to your television.

You’ll have thousands of shows and movies to watch, and you gain access to it all on this Android TV stick.

What is TVSurf? 

TVSurf is one of those products that I kept coming across online, but I never actually looked into it until a few weeks ago. What happened was, my current streaming stick broke. I didn’t have a free TV stick laying around, so I had to buy a new one.

The TVSurf dongle piqued my interest after I started reading TVSurf reviews online.

What I kept finding was that people said that they could watch:

  • NBC
  • Red Bull TV
  • NBC
  • CW
  • YouTube
  • Facebook 
  • Many more 

So, I decided that I would trust the TVSurf reviews and give this product a try. I know how TV sticks work, and this stick is on par with the Fire stick, Roku and Chromecast.

Does TVSurf Work?

I remember writing a NeckRelax review when I first plugged this television stick into my TV. I normally multi-task, so I was surprised that I didn’t have to spend 10 – 20 minutes setting this product up.

What I found was that all I had to do was plug this device right into my HDMI port. All of the best apps were already preloaded on my stick.

This means that I did not have to spend extra time downloading apps.

Once I loaded up my stick, I was able to enter in my credentials for my favorite streaming accounts and begin streaming immediately.

There’s also a really neat feature that allows you to save all of your media onto your stick, too.

And, if you’re still on the fence and not sure if you should buy this stick, there are a lot of great reasons to give TVSurf a shot.

Why Should You Buy TVSurf?

I asked myself this very question when I first saw this product online. I already had experience with many other streaming sticks, but I wanted to find the best smart TV stick on the market.

For me, this is it.

I think that anybody should give TVSurf a try if they want to:

  • Cut the cord and get rid of their cable bill
  • Stream from all of the top streaming platforms
  • Backup all of their photos and videos with the click of a button

You’ll also find that this product has a money back guarantee. Since you can return this product for your money back within 30 days of purchasing it, you’ll be able to give it a try without taking on much risk.

The guarantee is one of the main reasons that I even gave this product a try.

I know that a lot of products on the market are not able to meet their promises, but I’m happy to say that this is not one of them. This streaming stick exceeded my expectations. 

TVSurf Facts and Specs

  • 4K UHD compatible
  • HDMI output
  • Wi-Fi ready 
  • Bluetooth enabled
  • Multi language support
  • Quad core processor
  • Micro SD card built-in

 What are the Pros and Cons?

I found that my complaints are the same as most TVSurf reviews. What I like and don’t like about this Bluetooth dongle for TV is:


  • Streams in crisp 4K UHD
  • Works with all leading streaming platforms including CBS, IMDB, Pluto TV, HBO and Amazon
  • Includes InfinitiKloud software


  • Supplies are limited

If you see TVSurf in stock, buy it today. All TV Surf reviews state that supplies are very limited. This is upsetting if you want to have a TV stick immediately. If you do find it in stock, I recommend that you order today.

Who is TVSurf a Perfect Fit For?

I get this question about, and I think everybody who has the streaming account can benefit from this product. You will be able to stream on the top platforms, and some platforms that I have not seen available on many of the top streaming sticks on the market.

You’ll be able to stream from:

  • HBO
  • Hulu
  • Amazon
  • Pluto TV
  • PBS
  • Sony Crackle

If you already have a streaming stick, you may not need this product just yet. I recommend TVSurf for anyone who does not have a streaming stick or someone that wants to upgrade to a stick that comes preloaded with the world’s best apps on it already.

Final Recap

TVSurf is a TV stick that I recommend to my friends and family. I used to have a Fire stick, and while I loved it, the TVSurf streaming stick is my new go-to stick TV. You’ll be able to stream all of your favorite music, media and movies directly to your television.

If you’re a cord cutter, this is the best TV stick on the market today.

You’ll be able to save hundreds of dollars by cutting your cable bill and subscribing to the platforms that you like the most. 

I want to mention that the TVSurf stick also includes a 30-day money back guarantee, so you can return it for a full refund if you’re not satisfied.

Shipping is fast, and the returns are hassle free.

You literally have nothing to lose but your cable bill when trying this product.

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